Q. I'm new, how do online auctions work?
A. We have a couple of quick tutorial videos on our website https://www.maniacmarks.com/how-to-bid


Q. Do you take consignments?
A. Yes, please refer to our consignment page https://www.maniacmarks.com/consignments


Q. How do I pay?
A. At pickup with debit/credit or cash. If you would like to pay online you can do so on our website https://www.maniacmarks.com/payment-methods. Payment over the phone is also accepted.


Q. How do I pickup my items?
A. At our location 2810 SE 39th Loop Hillsboro Suite G. We have a desk to check in at. Once you've checked in we will bring your items to the desk or any of the other tables nearby.


Q. Can I have someone else pick up my items for me?
A. Yes. Let us know ahead of time though.


Q. Do we ship?
A. We do ship but some items are too big for us to ship. Items that can't be shipped will have "Local pickup only" in the lot description. 


Q. How does shipping work?
A. Let us know if you want us to ship to you. We box everything up ourselves and receive a shipping quote from either USPS or FedEx. After that we add on a handling fee to cover our supply costs and send out a new invoice to you with the shipping quote and handling fee included. Once you have paid the invoice in full we will send out your items.


Q. How much does shipping cost?
A. Handling fee is $5 or more. Just depends if addition work and supplies are required. We receive the cost of shipping once it has been boxed up. If you would like to receive a rough estimated shipping quote let us know and we can find out what it might cost to ship to your area. 


Q. If I won multiple lots can they be boxed together to cut down on shipping costs?
A. Yes, we will consolidate anything you win at our auction to keep shipping costs down.


Q. What shipping carriers do you use?
A. Currently we use USPS or FedEx


Q. Can you add insurance or signature required on my package(s)?
A. Yes, if you have a certain request about how you want your items shipped let us know. 


Q. Do you do international shipping?
A. Our system is not setup to do international shipping. (If you would like to do international shipping please contact us first before bidding)


Q. Can you ship to addresses other than the one on my profile?
A. Yes, please let us know which place or places you would like your item(s) shipped to. We can send some items to a location and some items to another loaction.


Q. What happens if someone fails to pickup/pay the items they won?
A. They will be banned from all future auctions and the items they won may be put back up for auction.


Letting us know when you would be able to stop by to pay and or pickup your items is very helpful. We try to have your winnings pulled and ready for you when you come to pickup.